Aditi Mehta, Ph.D. is a scholar and educator of urban studies and planning.

Khirkee Extension

At the final exhibition of the Urban Typhoon Workshop in Khirkee, my team organized a public projection of a video we made about the unpaved road where Khoj Studio, an artists’ cooperative and one of the conference organizers, is located.  During the screening, it was crowded along the street, and I was lucky enough to stand next to Mamta, who runs an ironing shop on this street in Khirkee.   I watched her shyly giggle when she saw herself projected larger than life onto the building wall.  Another audience member saw her in the crowd and recognized her from the video.  He yelled to her over the noise, “When are you making your Bollywood debut!?”  She looked up proudly and grinned.  Watch the video here.